Leakers say that she lost. You know the drill

Leakers say that she lost. You know the drill.

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No fucking way SSSSSSS

>giving a shit about pokemon in 2022
Just fap to her and fuck off

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>She loses to fucking Ash with his dogshit team
God the writers are so dumb. It makes even less sense that Tobias wasn't here with his legendary roster, how the hell did he lose to her

>dogshit team
His team is actually pretty good tho?

>how the hell did he lose to her
He didn't, he just didn't challenged her after winning the league.
Or give me the proof they fought each other besides your headcanon.

>It makes even less sense that Tobias wasn't here with his legendary roster
Why are people so obsessed with this non-character I seriously don't understand. Cynthia is still Champion so he probably jobbed to her offscreen anyway who cares.

why would you enter a league where the prize is the right to challenge the elite 4 + champion and not do it, that seems pretty pointless

>dogshit team
Wasn't his team like basic competitive gen8?

No need for leakers when they put Mega Lucario vs Gigantamax Charizard at Wyndon Stadium in the OP. It's been an unexpectedly good battle though, Cynthia's last curveball with Togekiss should be fun and Spiritomb, Pikachu and Sirfetch'd were MVPs. I really hope Dragonite and Gengar get more to do against Leon.

wow I'm like so shocked looks like the finals are gonna be ash vs leon who could have expected that!!

He got washed by the E4 and went home

Cynthiacucks meltdown on /veepee/ soon

>use up her "1 gimmick per battle" limit by Dynamaxing Togekiss instead of Mega Evolving her ace Garchomp
>literally had to make her stupid so Ash can win
>Diantha's face when Cynthia did it
Absolute state of this fucking anime


retconned ages ago

lol I thought you retards were saying she didn't need any gimmick

Didn't ask.

Didn't win ;)

Press S to eternally sleep on the ashnime

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Just to flex for shits and giggles? If you sweep an entire league sans one match with just one pokemon then proceed to whip out more legendaries the whole thing seems silly

>Ash must be shit forever
Why are you so mindbroken?

DP and XY leagues were top tier though.
Hell, they were actual GymQuest leagues, this is just some random noname filler tournament.
The ashnime stopped putting in any effort whatsoever, add to that Ash's ugly SM/PM209 redesign.
You can tell how OLM just does this for the cash now, no passion left here.
Champions are jobbers, they were NEVER portrayed like that. Alain was retconned to be a loser.
>m-muh stakes! muh undefeatable champs!
Yes, muh stakes and muh champs. I want the OG Gen1-6 artstyle and GYM-League-E4+broken as fuck champions back.
The ashnime lost it's shounen soul.
It's an unironic KIDS SHOW now!!!
We used to have subtle het (Ash+Misty, Ash+the girls who liked him/who he liked, Ash+Serena), subtle yuri (Dawn living at Cynthia's villa for some reason)), explicit het (May+Drew), cringekino het (Brock+Autumn and all the other girls he made a move on).
Now it's fucking yaoi pandering with Gohtrannyshit.
Do Japanese children even like this anymore???
The Yajimaverse AU movies are the only decent thing still coming out of the ashnime-series.
Guys, if you're tired of the shitty stater of the ashnime.
I tell you.
I beg you.
I ASK of you.
Read the "Pokemon Festival of Champions" manga.
It's the last media keeping the OG Gen1-6 ashnimekino spirit alive.
Unironically, it's the only thing that satisfies my pokethirst at this point.
It takes all the good things from the ashnime and enhances them into a cocktail of spicy adrenaline, you can tell the mangaka feels the vibe and what Pokemon is supposed to be about.

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