>looks down on anyone who likes shounen manga
>argues about all these apparent differences how seinen is always more mature and realistic while shounen stories can only be enjoyed by babies and manchildren
Actual seinen mangaka:
>writes the same story he did from a shounen magazine
>only reason he switched was the monthly format

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What are you on?
Seinen manga is 75% moe and romance.

I'm not a teenager anymore.

I didn't know Araki was the only Seinen mangaka.

But the fact he does this like it's normal just shows how little difference there really is. Even Berserk, without the rape content, could fit in a shounen magazine.

The epitome of seinen is not Berserk. It's K-On and such.
Shounen literally means the target audience are young teen boys. Kids, basically.

80's shounen might as well be seinen

What about the nudity?

What about it?

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I only read/watch seinen for kino drama and mentally ill characters. They're not good for your mental health though.

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Jojo still has furigana even in a seinen magazine so Araki is still obviously wanting younger people to read his manga. It's not like there's not monthly shonen magazines he could have went to if he only wanted a monthly schedule.

>>only reason he switched was the monthly format
There's plenty of monthly shounen mags. The reason he switched to YJ was because he was consistently dead last on the popularity rankings in Jump, yet his tanks still sold pretty well -- indicating that Jump's readership didn't care for JJBA, but his fans still did. So he decided to take it to a more appropriate magazine, simple as that.

By the way seinen manga are still for young adults. It's a difference of targeting 14 year olds and targeting 18 year olds. Neither one of them are remotely "mature" in any way but legally. The actual "adult, mature" manga movement -- gekiga -- is in a constantly dying/dead state and has been for decades.

>There's plenty of monthly shounen mags
True but there are many other factors in choosing a publisher than just if they're shounen or seinen. Maybe you choose a publisher because they have the best deal and they just happen to be a seinen magazine.

He didn't change publishers, YJ is still shueisha. Publishers own many different publications, he simply switched publication to one that they assume his readership prefer (and given he hasn't moved again I assume they guessed right).

I think it's the opposite now though. He's pretty notable in the magazine (though probably because there's not really much competition) but the volume sales have been consistently falling.

>There's plenty of monthly shounen mags. The reason he switched to YJ was because he was consistently dead last on the popularity rankings in Jump
source? or you dreamt it

Yeah, WSJ is weekly and YJ is monthly.

Young Jump is weekly. Araki moved to Ultra Jump, which is monthly.

K-On sequel in the style of Inio Asano when?

Kon is moeshit for manchildren

This manga is so fucked up yet I can't stop reading it.

>switches from shonen to seinen magazine
>suddenly makes the best work of his career and SBR is still considered one of the best manga out there
really makes you think huh

SBR is really fucking overrated. It has very few interesting encounters and so many of the stands are slight tweaks of earlier ones.