Dragon Ball Super

New thread? CHADly provides. You're welcome.

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crush moeshitter skulls

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I kinda miss Super. I've been rewatching ToF lately

How did Goku discover Super Saiyan 3? Was he just screaming really loud in SSJ2 for hours until it popped?


>The Tranny Janny woke up, finding himself strapped to a cold, metal slab, not being able to break free.
“Where am I?” he wailed into the cold cavern he seemed to have found himself in, as his deep, gruff reverbed back to himself.
>Suddenly a shape appeared, shadows concealing any features beyond a rough shape of a human
“Deleted my post, eh?” the shadow uttered, as it approached the Janny
>As it came into the light, more and more features were revealed and the Janny finally realized why he recognized that voice.
>It was Gohan.
>The tranny janny was at first shocked, but that shock was quickly replaced by fear
“No, no, you don’t understand my dilator slip-“
>The chin-jiggling guttural sounds were cut short by Gohan
“Banned me for 3 days, hmm? Well, I’ll show you who can’t appeal his punishment”
>Gohan put a mask onto the Janitor, as he turned on the lights
>As the anesthetic took hold of the autogynephiliac, he managed to catch a glimpse of Gohan’s other experiments; vivisected animals and dissected children
>Gohan soon got to work, smiling as he did

>Hours later, the transvestite stirred awake, and was suddenly hit by an excruciating pain between his legs
“It was the hardest surgery I have ever done, but I managed to put it back together, exactly the way it was” Gohan bragged, as he wheeled a mirror towards his patient
>The tranny janny moaned in sorrow and fear as Gohan tilted the table up so that the Janny could see his full reflection
“Ready to see?” Gohan smirked, as he lifted the abomination’s gullet obstructing the new genitals
>The Janny couldn’t avert his eyes from his new micro-penis, as tears and snot cascaded down his face
>Gohan roared in laughter, the sound echoing and filling the room as primordial moans of anguish erupted from the Tranny Janny

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Post some Android 18 femdom fanfic right FUCKING now.

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The Tournament of Flowers?

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He felt he could go way higher than SSJ2, tried and reached it.
Imagine like keeping your raging boner in your pants. Your penis tries to grow but it can't because it's trapped in your pants (SSJ2). You need to take them down to make your penis comes out and grow completely (SSJ3).

Sorry for the penis analogy

Why didn't he go Super Saiyan 4? Wouldn't that make him cum?

>Why didn't he go Super Saiyan 4?
Because once he went SSJ3 he felt he couldn't go any higher. If he could he would've felt like SSJ3 was too restrictive for his total power and reached it

SCHLURPzas... are... intelligent?

All the important characters in one image.
We got Goku, Bejita, Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan, 16 and Cell.
Oh, and there's some aliens like the tri-clops, the noseless dwarf and the wolf-man, I guess.

He could go infinitely higher forever because he was dead. It doesn't really make sense that he would stop there. Look how much he's grown in a similar amount of time since then. Sounds like he was just slacking off for most of those years.

Our heroes.


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...and Goku.

>He could go infinitely higher forever because he was dead. It doesn't really make sense that he would stop there
I meant in that specific moment. If he kept being dead and training he would've got to SSJ4 I guess.
>Look how much he's grown in a similar amount of time since then.
He has teachers now and god ki is a like a new power to discover.

MY HERO (accompanied by Krillin, Piccolo, Goku, Tien, Bejita, Gohan, Trunks, Android 16 and Yamcha).

...'s sidekick KEKlin.

's wife, Bejita.

's son Toranksu

...'s minion Gokek.

..'s rival, Goku.

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's fusion form GODtenks

Based and saved.

Add him.

Jiren? Sure hang on.
I'm not actually going to

Replace him.

Don't add him.

My heroes.

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