Akane at 200,000k in circulation

The first volume is on its 5th reprint. What the fuck?

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This is the power of pleasing old men.

I don't get it there's nothing interesting about it whatsoever

Yeah I'm not a big fan of it either I'm genuinely wondering how this dogshit got popular so quickly

>Moue finally saw success
I know he's only the artist, but after the pain he went through with Ole Golazo I'm so happy that he's finally tasted success.

Hoping Ruri does just as good

Cant help you if you cant see the competent writing behind the niche sport. Even sexposting is getting weakened by issho posting.

Already doing better than the sumo manga.


If I published my shit in Japan I could I also pull those godlike numbers?

Depends on whether you write like Akane's or Red Hood's author.

Akane will probably get a anime around it's first anni.

Phantom seethers punching the air rn

it's like music manga series. it REALLY doesn't fucking work in manga format so the only way to get traction is to hype it up to get an anime adaptation. then it flops or does decently.

Ruri has wider appeal, assuming he doesn't fuck it up in the next chapters this could be big.

See, this is how I feel about Blue Box, I am not a fan of romance manga as is, mind you. Akane had nice pacing, the character expressions are fun, there's effort in changing panelling / styles to show the different types of Rakugo. When it plucks a shounen trope, it leans into it and executes it well, exactly why those tropes became popular in the first place. There are enough interesting extra bits of commentary scattered throughout that allow for decent conversation.
I really wanted to see what numbers Ruri would pull in. Serialisation went a different way than I expected so i am curious.

Both are well made and lack the axebait feel when reading through it, really all that matters.

What the fuck is this shitposting? Just because you dont like it, it doesnt mean anything else. It's unfortunate that you cant see how well written it is but that's on you, dude

I dont like the manga at all, i think its barebones as fuck but ruri's success is all on whether the author can continue to write it. It's pretty obvious vol.1 is going to have better success than blue box

Act-age left a hole too big and deep so even this blatant copy could be popular.

>competent writing behind the niche sport

The writing is awful though. "She won because she was just good, okay? Real pro with a cool master" is a shit reasoning especially once her performance hasn't reflected it in the slightest.

I like this series, many times more than the rest of current SJ trash, but I don't get how it became this successful either.
Does it have an insane marketing campaign funded by the government or something?

Let's not pretend no one on Any Forums gave a fuck about actage until the bike accident. And it took a while to get it's first decent arc. Sorry, actage will forever be associated with a pedo as oppose to being a decent manga.

>It's unfortunate that you cant see how well written it is but that's on you, dude
It's not well written as it fails to adapt rakugo specifics properly with this medium

What’s well written about it?

There's a lot of old men in Japan.

It was more popular on Any Forums though. First people were curious if manga clearly not suited for jump will fare, then they simply enjoyed the ride.


>She won because she was just good, okay? Real pro with a cool master"
If thats your take from the arc then clearly you should stick to reading doraemon.

Concrete>every else