Who is the best female mangaka and why is it Nagata?

Who is the best female mangaka and why is it Nagata?

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>le quirky and relatable self-destructive retard
Nah, kill yourself.

Gege Akutami

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>le quirky and relatable self-destructive retard
literally Our Guy


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He real self looks a lot better. Kinda like female version Nobita the Youtuber if Nobita was strangely attractive for some mysterious reason.

>Who is the best female mangaka?
Konosuba author.

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All the great artists are self destructive at least in some way. Artist that doesn’t have mental ilness or an addiction problem or isn’t a pedo is at best mediocre. Even seemingly prefectly well adjusted greats like Tolkien are revealed to be sperg wierdos once you dig deep enough. Turns out normies cannot make meaningful art because they have nothing meaningful to say.

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Either your eyes are fucked or your standard is bottom tier, she looks like a hag.

this is what no pussy does to a mf

It's Kui Ryoko, isn't it.

Post the page where she was diddled by an old man

nekojiru, fools

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She was a Any Forums type of schizo

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The type you associate w/ Any Forums is originally from stormfront.

Oh I know. Could have worded it better I guess

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Didn't she abuse her cat?

People throw around the word abuse too much. What did she allegedly do to her cat exactly?

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in a memorial letter written after her suicide, editor Yoshiaki Yoshinaga wrote that Nekojiru would discipline her cat with a stick or whip. I couldn't find any other evidence of this though.

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