You must engage in sexual activity with the very plump elf

You must engage in sexual activity with the very plump elf

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I must barf.

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Do I get to feed her fries after sexual intercourse?

You can even feed her fries -during- sexual intercourse

Feed the sexy elf...

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Hotdamn! Now that sounds like complete perfection.

Fucking disgusting! How could anyone find obesity attractive?

One girl's fat is another man's fetish

if i do this..can i also shag her anunt? i'd really like to shag her aunt instead.

you fantastic bastard, so fast

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Sasuga barf-kun

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I want the brown elf instead.

I wanna lay around eating spicy chili dogs with Gonda all day

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No, you can’t make me!

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but I have so many better things to do. Like satyr, or oku, or hitome, or kuro

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At least you were actually on time.