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Post Yonko tier characters

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Magellan is only admiral tier.



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Caesar didn't fully pierce Monet's heart so her death is actually a cliffhanger of her being alive and she is going to return in Dressrosa and join the crew.

ENTER spic piece

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Belo Betty chapter

Roronoa Zoro is for sex.

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Send for me a flight to Japan. I will leak this chapter.


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One day an autistic jap is going to start leaking shit and every eceleb will jump off a bridge.

>animal people dancing
>be happy
Translation: Furries you can be happy. Carrot is in.

That's highly unlikely now after Japs increased the punishments for leaking manga.

You don't go to jail if you don't get caught

This is either about Kuma or Carrot or some completely unrelated shit
Fuck this attention whore

The Simpsons taught me that Japanese prison is a hellhole.


That's all I have gathered for 1060. Wish Carrot shows up on 1060 as well.

The pack watch just means that someone is dead.
If anything, add Kuma into the mix.

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Showing Seraphim Hancock my pp

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Will Dragon finally do something.

She got on Law's ship with Bepo.

Japan’s prisons is a 5-star inn compared to the Jewnited Niggerstates zoo cages

bepo and kuma

Crocogirl ? Canon.

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>she won't join
So, is Carrot on Zou or with Law and Bepo?

>The pack watch just means that someone is dead
The fuck is pack watch? Is this basketball american slang?

Not sure but it was everywhere when Bakugo "died"

>the fuck is pack watch

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Endgame right here, brothers

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