So... What happened to him after part 4?

So... What happened to him after part 4?

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My headcanon is that he became a cop.


You mean Josuke or the puppet guy?

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He appeared in part 8 or something idk I haven't read the new universe stuff but it sounds confusing.

Josuke, He poofs out of existence the moment part 4 wraps up despite everything he went through.

He got transported into no one gives a fuck dimension right arte his season ended

Shot dead in Detroit.

This. I like to imagine during MiH, Josuke leaves for cop work and Koichi lives next door as some salary man with Yukako. Okuyasu is Josuke's partner come to pick him up.

He later died of a cold.

Part 4 was a pretty small scale compared to the others, it was just a bunch of highschoolers trying to stop their local serial killer, but they all happen to have magic punching ghosts

He went back in time to save himself

he needs his own sol anime

He teams up with Hol Horse to bang Kakyoin's cousin

I always thought he'd go on to become a doctor

That's before part 4 since his grandpa is still alive.

I've read parts 1-5, and enjoyed them all.
Never seen part 6, I can't read a female JoJo let alone respect them.

I gave Steel Ball Run a few chapters and it was so shit compared to Part 2, or even Part 1, I just stopped reading.

Am I missing out on anything or was I right?

who cares

Apathy huh? I guess I was right.

I mean his plan was never to be like Johari and start globetrotting and doing shit for the Speedwagon foundation, everything he went through, he endured because he cared about keeping his friends in Morioh safe. There's not much reason for him to show up in Italy or Florida afterwards

Steel Ball Run blows every other part out of the water