Kinsou no Vermeil

Loli Vermeil

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>Her fucking a human shots is awwwright
>Any fanservice of her as a loli is forbidden
Just modern anime things.

They should do the right thing and have loli version seduce the shota

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Made for headpats and spoiling with crepes

How is Vermeil able to wear a sleeveless sweater without wearing anything inside? Let alone in days where she would have gotten a monthly period?

Tewi clone

Bold of you to assume demons/succubi get periods.

The circumstances where she is shown aren't exactly conductive to fanservice anyway.

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Gonna suck you dry.

So have any Vermeil doujins been announced? I can imagine there are quite a few authors for whom she'd really fit to a tee.

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I wish we got more art like this promoting the anime. Its actually quite nice.

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She's a growing girl.

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Looks like they got off easy compared to their manga counterparts (who got impaled a bunch in addition to being hung).


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All of this suffering over fear of demon is fucking ridiculous.

Even in witchcraft shit is definitely fiction.

Still, in modern times, witch-hunt is still happening. Well, surprise. People are moron even in modern times.

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I know it would actually happen like this, because human ARE fucking stupid, but the logic of things like this is always retarded:

She's a demon -> She's causing catastrophes -> Let's kill her -> Piss her off -> Surprise Pikachu face -> Die

If she's causing catastrophes that means she's way more powerful then you. So why the fuck attack her? This worked in our world because there WAS no magic, but these fuckers know magic is real, so why the fuck antagonize someone who can kill you?

The memories of her as a loli are over 500 years old, therefore it's okay.