Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!

For me, it's Jahy-sama

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For me it's combat Jahy.

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For me, it's nopan Jahy.

But that's a standard, garden-variety Jahy

Season two when?

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You are an actually fucking worthless piece of shit. No one loves you or even notices you. Fuck off and kill yourself.

When Seaweed writes more material. But she's juggling Sussy Maid, Booby girls and Jahy along with whatever else she's playing with. It could take a while.

I'm not even sure the manga is gonna be long enough for even a 1 cour season

Actually they skipped a couple things didn't they? maybe there will be enough

I am a simple man of simple tastes

Does she end up with the landlady?

Only a couple of times, mostly when drunk.

But Jahy-sama only likes girls.

i hope so


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For me, it's small Jahy-sama

Why do the most powerful demons have gremlin forms but lesser demons such as Salwa remain normal?

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I love my wife

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Because only the cream of the crop have loli versions of themselves. The pleb demons don't have that, and they have to live, knowing that they can't become a cute and funny version.

Salwa best girl don't @ me


I want to take her home and give her an easier life, or at least give her money so she keeps living there but doesn't have to struggle with her expenses