Nagi gaming

Nagi gaming

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As long as she's gaming at a good distance away from the TV in a well lit room.

It's well lit but she's too close.

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Nagi reading

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Nagi wearing a hilari-really cool mask.

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Nagi winning

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Now that I think about it, was this grooming?

It was, poor Hayate got groomed hard. He never could stand a chance

Such is the life of the poor. Money always wins.

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Every girl in the show is better than Nagi.

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>.better than the rie
Once again you prove your faggotery

Sex with Hebe Nagi !

Yep. one of the few cases that another girl is better than my waifu's voice. whose music I listen to all the time.

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Not Hamster, no.

I disagree, Nagi is the winner for me.

Hata, pls

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I seen her gangbanged....

I was there.