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wormfags need not apply

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best girl

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What would happen if Rin found out user had a crush on him?
Ha ha


rhinofags still can't handle Sakura and Shirou's canonical victory, uh?

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Rinbros, we're going to be back now that the sF anime is soft-confirmed.

fate/stay worm

Best girl

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fate/get a life

pity bump

rin belongs in the trash, yet is still superior to wormshit

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Not a rinfag, but i wanted to say that Sakura is, undoubtedly, the worst girl, literally anyother sakuraface is better than her

t. rinfag pretendeding to be saberfag

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So i gave in and started reading Dies Irae. It's not as good as Stay Night but i do like it, however the first route was a bit disappointing. Does it get better with the other routes?

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