Would you an aho?

Would you an aho?

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There's not many anime girls I wouldn't...

No, she's probably too retarded to wipe her ass properly, if at all.

yes, but this one

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I would the rest of yall just ghey or sumthin.

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She's actually very good at taking care of her body. Sayaka tried to teach her how to be more attractive, but was shocked to find out she knew more than her in regards to making herself beautiful (I think it was a manga chapter) so it's likely she wipes properly.

nah, going for kids is sour grapes for losers who can't pull any adults

How stupid is she? Does she still shit herself?

Pretty underwear
I want to take them off her and then wear them

You say that like it's a bad thing

>one of the few anime girls confirmed stupider than me
i'll take it

I'd rather have her mom

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What if she and her mom swapped bodies?


why did akuru hate all the women

He was fixated on studying and getting the highest scores so that he had the best pick of jobs in the future. He can be a real ass to people who aren't as smart as him, but also gets pissy when faced with someone better than himself.
>insults Ryuichi once he has the comfort of knowing that Ryuichi won't punch him and upset Yoshiko
>flips out when Yoshiko effortlessly wins the memory game he uses to exercise his brain
>gets angry when Ryuichi achieves perfect scores before him, says it doesn't count because Ryuichi was just trying to impress him, then only agrees to consider being friends with him if he promises to never get better scores than him again

>I'll let you fuck me if you marry my daughter
>disappears as soon as the papers are signed

Why don't you?

Aren't all the girls in his life retarded? Why do you want your kids to be a retard?

Yes, but not that one.

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