Chainsaw Man

Asachads, how are we feeling about today's chapter?

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Asa will take Denji's virginity

Idk I haven't read it yet

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Yakuzas already took it.

>Asa spends an arc getting to know Denji and Nayuta and ends up falling in love with him
>arc climax where they have sex, buildup is impeccable
>Yoru steals her body for the lulz and forces her to watch her 1st time in 3rd person
>Denji too stupid to realize and fucks her anyway
>Asa has to watch every minute of it in pure Guts like agony
>Yoru even gives her the Griffith glare while Denji fucks her

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Fuck ntr Asa is a good girl

Reminder that we at Any Forums love both Asa and Yoru

Cuckquean kino

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B-bros...? I browsed through the previous thread...
>last chapter dump
>unrelated /an/ videos dump
>image dump (as usual)
Do we really have to stoop so low to reach bumplimit nowadays? We used to rule this board...

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Next month Chadbasedmen will OWN this board.

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So, the "bab" thing is a way to avoid calling others fags now? Why do I feel like this is a work from discord troons?

dumb newfag

It's been a month since the last good chapter

Those fujocosplays were shit, post the good ones

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Akimenobros we are here

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Why is that air conditioner inside the wall.

Damn bitch you live like this?

>Those fujocosplays were shit
No, they weren't

Chapter 104 predictions
>Nothing happens
>We see Yuko and Asa in the hospital. Yuko calls Asa a hero for saving her and War seethes
>More gay shit with Yoshida and Denji

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Why would War seethe if Yuko and Asa's relationship deepening is good for her.

Because Asa isnt listening to Joboru


>Walk away slowly, does the opposite
>Kill Yuko now, doesn't do that
Boom Boom. your response?

You? Done.

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