Please watch Tonegawa: Middle Management blues

Please watch Tonegawa: Middle Management blues

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this was a good show. i want to see someone's reaction watching this, and then kaiji afterwards, i think that would be really funny


I watched it when it aired, it was good. Ebi Roll was better though.

This show had so many good moments.

Also >tfw no dilf boss to sekuhara

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No, why the fuck would I want to watch anything about working.

I watch things to escape the neverending dread of a dead end job and a pointless life

I did.

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What you were supposed to do is not have a shit life and watch shows like this for the schadenfreude

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You don't understand comedy

>being a wagecuck
why would anyone do this to themselves? it's unnatural

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Why is he like this?

Why do they all look so Australian?

As someone who also powers through illnesses, that episode showed me how far I still have to go.

What do you mean?

I mean look, the resemblance. It is uncanny.

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I did. Wish the manga didn't get axed so I can see more of them.


I watched half of it, can't be bothered to watch anymore. It wasn't awful but not good enough to keep me interested.

I did and with Any Forums
reminded me there are real bros on this board.

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