Golden Time thread

what did people think of this
I enjoyed it even more than toradora

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ruined by ghost Banri

I genuinely can barely remember anything about it

I'm convinced that anyone who enjoyed this more than Toradora is either completely braindead or an insufferable contrarian fishing for (you)s. Decent for the first half and utterly forgettable and sometimes outright painful to watch in the second.

kouko is a better character than anyone in toradora

I agree, and it's saying something that she somehow can't salvage the rest of the shit bringing it down.

I like it more than Toradora too. I didn't like the first few episodes with that cult plotline and Koko's relationship with the other guy that kept running from her, but seeing their growth was very enjoyable. Except for that small girl that hit her nose in the car crash, rejected the guy she kinda liked and ended up with a bad haircut.

an absolute fucking travesty

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post a picture of your translucent hands

Kinda interested to watch it because of that "pretending to be gay lovers" scene.

Even though the whole ghost arc was one of the stupidest things ever thought up by anyone in the history of storytelling, it is still one of the better romance animes.

Also, Banri is best girl.

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The first girl should have won


I really like the way his relationship with the girl he liked before the amnesia was handled and how she grows to deal with her feelings for him now that he's different. Kinda bittersweet, but pretty mature resolution.

Same, kouko is too annoying

Tada Banri

I got memed watching this because the synopsis says something about him being in law school and you know I figured they probably will do something about that but they didn't. Could have said he's just a new college student. Anyway the only thing I like about this show is the first OP.

Like watching a psychiatric ward where even the doctors are not quite sane. The only two redeeming things were Rynda's hotness and Oka in her entirety.

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Toradora is objectively better but ioved golden time a lot. Even besides ghost banri memes, i really liked that kouko and banri were disfunctional and got into multiple screaming matches that ultimately brought them closer. Like yeah golden time is over the top and extra but that part felt relatable

what ghost banri memes

ghost banri was retarded but kouko was really cute

People just editted a faint ghost banri into the background of like accidents and scenes of destruction in other anime

oh yeah that would be pretty funny