Why is this so overrated? It was boring and made no sense...

Why is this so overrated? It was boring and made no sense. They spend half the movie setting up this wacky time travel that leads no where

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Boy, Any Forums has sure been full of idiots lately.

Maybe you just lack love and joy in your life.

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I have to be honest how this got a higher rating than a silent voice is beyond me. The ending to this was weak.

>silent voice
Get real, only kyoanifags like you like that turd

>The ending to this was weak.
8/10 bait.

You've obviously not seen the ending or you'd know if it was bait.

nice try

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The rating is skewed because girls loved it. They are all amotional and muh feelings about it, while men will be bothered by the whole "neither of them actually noticed the fucking year?" specifics of the situation.
>B-but wait, user, I liked it and didn't care about the plotholes and shit, are you saying I'm a girl?
Yes. That's absolutely what I'm saying.

so this is what zero pussy looks like, huh

>Why is this so overrated?
Disliking popular things does not make you superior to normies. Contrarianism is a vastly overrated characteristic.
>it was boring
no it wasn't
>made no sense, muh time travel
Peak midwit, why do you all constantly do this? Any story that uses a sci-fi element gets attacked by autists who miss the forest for the trees. Time travel is a plot device, it never works correctly and it is never the point of any story. If your focus is on the time travel, you are doing it wrong. This story about their love and fate, not about time travel.

It was a wonderful and emotional romance, beautifully made and scored. Put simply, it's kino and its popularity is a testament to that.

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>omg they didn't notice the year difference as they travelled across time and space via their dreams, 0/10.
Taki was too busy grabbing his new boobas to go check the calendar.

Why are these two always being compared? It's been years since I watched either of them, but fwiw I do remember liking A Silent Voice more at the time

They came out pretty close to each other.

Forgot to mention Im trans btw

But like, is it just because they were sad romance movies? Or is there some deeper similarities about them that I'm forgetting?

oops wrong post

Probably both are a more serious tone, both look fantastic, both are good movies, and they came out at the same time.

nah it's really just about the timing

Because genuinely retarded le arthouse fags like those on Any Forums need to have a unique favorite movie (its not unique) which isn't Ghibli to pretend they have a better grasp on anime than shounenkeks when in reality they can't explained what happened aside from "its about muh journey"

>This story about their love and fate, not about time travel.
You can have both, you know. Hve the emotional aspect for the lowiq's to gush over, and devote a second to the plot for the not completely mentally challenged to not get annoyed.
You don't need to, because lowiq's are the vast majority, and the success of this shit and reality TV is a testament to that, but you can.
However, what this is is an unexplained magical force acting the exact way it needs for the story to happen, with none of the characters devoting a single second to question it.
The characters never have any agency, they just act the right way the writer's hand wants them to at the convenient moment, which is deeply unsatisfaying narrative for the non-dum-dums.
And if you feel offended by this, that's because I'm insulting you.