Love Live!

After this ends we got the Vtubers maybe and the Musical.

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What's the most scientific way to her heart?

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Subtitles missing in episode 8?

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Kasukasu must marry me.

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Kasukasu janakute, Kasumin desu!

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people hated the sunshine dog episode??

What did you think of the most recently covid delayed superstar ep?

No etiqueten al Elemen11t


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This retard actually likes the dog episode?

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i wish that was me...


I don't play SIFAS

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nozoeli are comforting nico after nico fell for a vitamin scam that promised breast growth

She found out she's pregnant.

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I haven't touched anything Love Live related since Sunshine, say something to me.

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I'd drop the franchise too if that dogshit season was the last thing I watched.

I'd take a pause from the franchise too after realizing that nothing can ever surpass what I just saw, but it's time to come back.