ITT: Dubs that are better than subs

ITT: Dubs that are better than subs

Cowboy Bebop excluded

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Okay, you start OP.

All three movies

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Anyone who disagrees is in maximum weeb mode

YYH dub is hot garbage

You're a meshy!

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Underage faggot

How long ago do you think people were introduced to YYH in the US?

I'm 33 and watched its debut on Cartoon Network

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This and I’m not afraid to admit it

Is cowboy bebop dub better? I haven't watched it yet

YYH's dub sucks ass. Someone always brings it up in threads like this and that makes me question whether they actually watch dubs or just parrot the shit they see online.
It's almost as bad as 4Kids shit. Decent at best voice acting for the main characters, shit to meh voice acting for everyone else, and subpar script writing that has dialogue changes up the ass.
The only reason people really like it is for a couple of funny lines and the fact the Jap dub is so fucking dull, just like DBZ.

>Is cowboy bebop dub better?
I think it is as good.

It's not better, but it is good and Steve Blum as Spike is iconic. People will say it's better because Cowboy Bebop on Toonami was a gateway anime for most people and they have nostalgia for the dub. They'll also make up weird lies like how apparently Watanabe said he prefers the dub, which has zero factual basis.

CB's dub is unironically the standard by which every other dub is judged.

>anime about cute British spy girls that takes place in alternate universe steampunk London
>Sentai actually goes through the trouble to give every character a British accent and they sound great
>Chise even properly sounds like a Japanese person who learned English as a second language because that's exactly what she is in-universe

Princess Principal was already great before, but the dub enhances the experience so much.

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It's unironically good. It makes me wonder why dubfags bother shilling their godawful butchering of YYH when there are perfectly good dubs actually worth defending.

However, having said that, there is still absolutely no reason to actually watch it. It's a Japanese show, you watch it in Japanese.

Rule of thumb:
If somebody brings up a show as a rare example of an anime with a "good dub", it's probably because he watched it on Toonami or Adult Swim.