Oh look this anime looks cool

>oh look this anime looks cool
>Sweet! its dubbed I can actually watch it
>hate hearing those oriental bugmen voices in my animes

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Dubs are objectively superior

I wasn't much of a dub watcher until I watched FMA brotherhood and Hellsing Dub. Now I check out anime dubs if they are available. There are just some dubs sub purists are missing out on

Posting in a reddit thread.


Imagine watching it in english when you could be watching your animes in church latin
couldn't be me

Dubs are fine if the anime is in a none Jap setting. I can't stand them trying to pronounce Euro or Anglo names.

Where are you copying these posts from?

His own head

If by dub you mean spanish dub then yes

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>not chubs[/spoilers]

>not trips

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This is now a DESU thread.


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>goes to an asian restaurant
>ask for mac and cheese


Go back to your containment board, poketard


Yeah, the Chainsaw Man dub will be superior since the series was made for a Western audience. After all, Westerners understand why casting a little girl voice for Makima is retarded

same, bothers me a lot

>only watch subs for new anime, especially animes that are set in Japan
>watch 90s and 2000s anime exclusively in Eng dub

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>Adeptus Mechanicus finds a box full of OVA dvds in the former North American wasteland