How long should Araki take to prepare for Part 9 before starting to release it

It's clear from Jojolion that Araki was running low if not out of ideas, the series just no longer has that vast creativity that made the first 6 parts so fun. If he starts Part 9 right away, his attempts at being creative will be to just scramble random bullshit to make more convoluted Stands again. Right now, he really has no idea what he's doing, it's what happens when you're out of ideas and have to pull whatever shit out of your ass on the spot.

That's why I think Araki should take some time off working on the actual story and focus more on preparation for now. If he uses this time to brainstorm ideas for more interesting Stands and their uses then he can build an arsenal of ideas so when he works on the story, he'd have the right idea ready for the right part. So how long do you think he should take off for brainstorming ideas? In my opinion, I think 4 years sounds good, I'd rather wait a while to have good Jojo again than the recent convoluted clusterfuck.

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He should retire already.

The man's 62 years old, if he takes any longer to finish Jojo he may just go senile

how many fucking parts is this garbage going to have jesus christ
one piss is gonna end before this shit at this rate

I'm not sure I even want a part 9 anymore, because judging by JJL and his recent stuff it would be ugly and unimaginative, in a universe he screwed up. Some of his ideas seem to go into/be interchangeable with Rohan anyway, like that chapter about the family affected by whatever curse or whatever it was.

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I think he should go all out with Part 9. I think it's good that Jojo is long running because at least Araki tries to be creative, while Oda just constantly rehashes the same ideas.


This is already the longest break in between parts. He needs to start it now

If we don't get a release date within a month it will never happen

It's good that he's taking longer time between breaks. In fact, learning that he didn't take much time between the previous parts really explain why the recent manga has been such a mess. If he had more brainstorming time, maybe he could have come back strong with those recent parts.

either hes using this time doing drugs or hes dead

‘’If Jojolands will have Josuke, the rokakaka and Holly it will be automatically shit!’’
Every Jojo part brings things from the previouses, sometimes expanding them (Joseph, Dio, Jotaro, Speedwagon, Erina, Koichi, Polnareff, the arrow, Dio’s plan, Johnny Joestar, Lucy, the devil’s palm and so on…). Why part 9 would be different?
‘’Holly’s situation was introduced in part 8, so it should be resolved in part 8’’
No, it’s not an iron rule. It’s not up to you to decide when the author has to resolve a plot point. It’s like to say ‘’I want Joyboy flashback after Luffy defeats Kaido and not 10 volumes later’’. You are not the author
‘’But Araki has always resolved any major plot point like this’’
And? He is free to change the formula everytime he wants. Hell, he even reset the original timeline to create another narrative universe. Take the Ace Attorney series, for example. Every game, from the first to Spirit of Justice always had a self contained story. But with Great Ace Attorney we have a single major story divided into two games, and this after 15 years!
‘’Ok, but we waited 10 whole years and Holly still isn’t cured’’
The years are 10, yes, but in the end there are 27 volumes, it’s not a really long series. Especially, you have to consider that Josuke’s plan to save Holly begins at the end of volume 14 so, to be precise, there are just 13 volumes, so 5 years more or less. And, to conclude, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is just one manga, divided into 9 parts yes, but just one manga. And if Holly is cured in the 10th volume of Jojolands instead of the 27th of Jojolion, frankly I don’t care.

Ok, Hamon Beat.

Go back to the main universe already.

No one cares about the other one.

This just confirms that only Any Forums (the same 20/30 person, that is) hates Jojolion

Go back to your twitter hugbox then, you wouldn't want to waste your time among haters, right?

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I think it would be fair for Araki to take a year long break before starting part 9, that would give him 12 months of advance prep and it would be the longest hiatus in Jojo
Taking any longer than that would just be too much haha

I hope for 10

oh i will now proceed to post absolutely retarded takes under his videos so the jannie of all jojo content seethes some more