If you still watch tranime knowing the statistically likely consequences...

If you still watch tranime knowing the statistically likely consequences, then you deserve to die when you inevitably 41% yourself.

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Dont give it up zorro!

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Can you tell if this is real or fake?

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business idea: we get rid of all black nigger people

Hang yourself wojakspamming twitter immigrant.

Sup bros
Check my digits

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Cope nigger. Modern tranny shit was born out of a America-Jewish docter forcing a kid into thinking he was a girl while abusing him and his sibling.

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Meant American-Jewish but it doesn't matter. anyways. I've exerted more effort on this dumb thread than it deserves.

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if dubs, op kills himself on camera


It's over OP

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oh shit

Is dis OP?

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It's over...

No, this is OP.

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Did you say, SNEED!?

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