One piece

Carrotbros the final hour is here

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I will now eat your thread.

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The calm before the storm.

shut the fuck up

>It's another chapter without the SH
>This continue for another week

Coby is a disgusting idiot.

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Is the hint piece era likely to ever end before the manga itself does?
Will a new real provider like the Korean rise up?

Coby would beat Hankek If It wasnt for all those interruptions


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How exactly? If he punched her his fist would turn to stone and shatter causing himself damage and doing nothing to Hancock.

The wait is stressful.

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That jobber HanKEK did worse than her clone, literally YC3 at best without her stupid hax

The bitch was already bleeding with fodder.


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Will Doffy be relevant again?
It seems like every other of the former warlords will have some kind of relevance (In the case of Moria, being dead lol), but what about him

Just curious but anyone else getting android 17 and 18 vibes from Littlehawk and LoliHawk? I could see them defecting, becoming pray for a bigger badder villain, and eventually joining good guys.
>Edgy duo
>androids made by series scientists
>introduced as unstoppable monsters (“not a scratch on em”)
>instantly popular
>they’re introduction is an iconic bookmark that we’re in a new saga
>immediate power creep involving a power introduced in the saga prior

After eating all those pancakes

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"Carrotfags" WILL continue their hopium/copium mix until the very last chapter.

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Why don't we have spoilers anyhow? At least of what the color spread is if it's just a promo or some shit.

Behold. The next empress of Amazon Lily.

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Am I supposed to recognize those chinks on the bottom?

What a qt

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spoilers when?

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This bitch has had her weave pulled out by 3 different baby daddies. She finds work by eating the assholes of old white executives. She beats the only children she didn’t abort. She has a lot of friends but talks shit about them and steals from them. All her clothes are bought by men and all have different strains of seman still, as this bitch has no life skills such as laundry and cleaning. She knows how to articulate properly but not from education, just watching many crime dramas. She uses that to tell people she’s edu-ah-cated. She smells like cocoa butter, cigarettes, and cheap wine.


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if no carrot then oda is a cuck for not even having luffy proposition her for his harem


How angry is the anime team at Oda right now?

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Carrot no por favor Carrot no

Bonney confirmed

>if no carrot then [retarded coomer cope]


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Why would they be? They blow budget on tits all the time.

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Based Robinbro