Which anime?

Which anime?

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your favorite

Vampire holmes.

my favorite

All of them with exceptions.

I've never watched a shit anime. I can just tell by the art and premise if it's good or not.

What is Pupa?

I got through like 17 episodes before seeing there were another 22 to go and just dropped it. Seriously who the fuck is the target audience for this shit, I can't imagine even children liking it

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all of it

>popular thing bad give me (you)s
Stunning and brave

>climax of story is just teleporting into past until mc get right timeline

Steins Gate is actually shit though

Post that old "wife wants you to shit" anime webm


Mirai Nikki

Wow, inspiring.

Answer in the form of a question.

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what is idolmaster?

Elfen Lied, Lucky Star, Rozen Maiden, Black Rock Shooter and every anime oldfags pretend it's good


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