Villain is evil because...uh...look he just is, okay?

>Villain is evil because...uh...look he just is, okay?

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>sharks kill people because .. uh.. they just do ok??

>natural disasters occurs because...uh...they just do, okay?

>OP is a fag because.. he just is ,okay?

>>sharks kill people because .. uh.. they just do ok??
Objectively false
Sharks don't just kill people for at a moment's notice


>Fucked Daki, Tamayo, and tons od human women
>1000 iq
>Gigachad genes
>Killed half of the named cast and almost the entire demon slayer corp while heavily weakened
>Proved he was a natural disaster and only the sun could beat him
He won

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That's one of the things I liked about Muzan, just an unambiguously evil, irredeemable piece of shit

All he did was for survival

He's evil because he kills people.

Why is he dressed like Michael Jackson?

Why not?

Natural disaster, can't be helped

>Became a litally giant baby simp to the MC and wanted MC to become his gay son

>doing evil
>being a villain

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Because he is evil. Actually Muzan wearing modern (for the time period) Western clothes in contrast with our protags wearing more traditional Japanese clothes is a brilliant piece of character design.

>1000 iq
No not realy? Or at least he didn't act like he did .most because despite the fact that he has over 4 brains he made some of the most stupidest decisions that ended up biting him in the ass and his head was so far up his own anal cavity that he would blame others for the incompetence of his own decisions.

>Villain goes on to release the greatest selling album of all time

Bold choice there

He's just Taisho era city slicker. Normal clothes at the time.

>Villain turns 360 degrees and walks away

Because he's BAD
He's BAD

He truly is the most insidious villain.

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