Just finished Code Geass episode 22 and


There was already enough tension for the show! It had already enough conflict to be good! Stuff you can do with it! Reveal Zero's identity to Kallen, then to Suzaku, then to the Black Knight, to the nation, to Nunally, also getting revenge and punishing the Britanian king, there was already enough tragedy with the people who had already died, Clovis, Shirley's dad and now you decide to make one of the purest characters a mind controlled mass killer to the mix?

Like does anybody remember that CBS show Hostages that got cancelled after one season? It was a similar situation to this, they had a good conflict, a family is hostage and shit, but then they started to add stuff to increase the conflict more and more like the kidnappers helping the family in their family situations as they live a normal life but are still hostages, do you get what I am getting at? It would have been fine if they had simply stick to the hostage situation living normal lives on top of that rather than adding even more family drama to the mix, because honestly this is just ridiculous.

This is stupid, they ruined the show. Making Geass permanent is a brilliant idea to increase the tension, but you shouldn't increase the tension by THIS FUCKING MUCH, a genocide caused by a simple slip of the mouth? A mistake? That was so arbitrary and stupid. I can't believe both the protagonist and the show runners could commit the worst mistake of their lives in the same episode.

This anime had a great concept and they ruined it, they totally ruined it.

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yeah why have any repercussions for the MC when he begins over-abusing his power, it should be an easy and cruisey time where he can easily overcome the tensions and problems he comes across. he shouldn't ever have to think he did something horrible by abusing his powers.

It didnt need to, Death Note is very similar on this and never had to add a fuck up like this.

they're very different shows. it would be quite boring if every show followed the same premise and never upped the stakes in a large way, just meandering through at a pace the MC is consistently keeping up with and never facing struggles that are at least momentarily out of their control

lmao get over it

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Just watch the rest of it. That episode is supposed to be painful. It has perhaps my favorite finish in all of anime just keep going.

>Making Geass permanent is a brilliant idea to increase the tension
Wouldn't it be funny if he got superman's glasses later to completely nullify the tension and render all of this almost pointless?

well, if they wanted to be painful they succeeded because i feel awful now, it is my birthday and they fucking ruined it

Wait until you watch season 2 lol
Hack wasn't satisfied by making it a regular chuuni, teenage rebellion show

Oh right, if they make this work later in the next episodes, that just means this episode is even stupider

>it is my birthday and they fucking ruined it
holy shit grow up

Guess that +1 to your age isn't really doing much for you. Grow up

Fuck you user its my birthday

Why the fuck are you watching a show about espionage, discrimination and death and getting surprised by espionage, discrimination and death?

What's your point faggot? You think the world should revolve around you and bend to accommodate your shit taste on your womb liberation day or something?

umm i guess you are right, i just got very shocked and traumatized for the whole thing.... i didnt expect something so heart breaking in a shonen anime


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>i didnt expect something so heart breaking in a shonen anime
In the first episode, innocent japanese people are brutally murdered. In the following episodes, Lelouch is slowly but surely faced with the reality of the consequences of his actions as his friends get kidnapped, Shirley's dad dies, Nunnally gets kidnapped and ultimately Euphie gets geassed and [redacted]. user, this show has always been heartbreaking. You have just been too distracted by the action and waifus to realize that.

show is a masterpiece

see you next week

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I just wanted to lelouch to have a cool identity reveal moment to his friends and call it a day

I don't disagree with but in that specific scenario it felt incredibly contrived.
>Lelouch just happens to use the specific phrase kill all the Japanese, as a joke
>His geass just happens to go into uncontrollable mode then and there
>Euphie just happens to be looking at him ad he says that
>There just happens to be an arena full of Japanese right outside
There's logical flow to actions and consequences and then there's things that happen for the sake of plot.

You sound underage. Perhaps Boruto or Bleach is more to your taste

im 23 (since today)