>only 17 years old
>hairline is already receding
Is it too late for him? How can his fluffy hair be saved?

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Gamo's Gamos

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It's over

the fluff comes at a price, twice as bright, half as long

just means paisen is high test, likely to have many children

>i wont let you take Naoto!!!
>Beacuse he is mine!!!
>And im going to fuck him!!!

Its nagatoro ntr?

Naga nails

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What bikes does sana drive?, a W800?

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Imagine asking for dating advice in a Nagatoro thread.

Oh~ take me home~ tanned gyaru~ to the place~ where I belong~

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cute semen demon

I need your bodysuit, your art supplies, and your motorcycle.

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Nice edits, user. Keep going.

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I'm just rushing through a few easy ones going to bed here in a bit.

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I don't think you really need the bodysuit.

Are you gonna argue with her?

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That's all for tonight. I don't think there was much more from ch 112 but there were quite a few chibi heads so I'll probably go head hunting tomorrow.

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