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With all this Lunarian business and the Seraphim, is there a chance that King will come back to the story? I'd like to see his reaction to the SSG.

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Impel down 2.0 with Zoro soloing the prison very fast with Nami or Ussop guiding him through while Luffy prepares for Imu


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Will every warlord get a ssg or just the original 7?

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This op pic is so much better

Big Niña

why do fetishists always go for goth girls?

I could see him coming back potentially, but I think we'll just mostly see him in flashback going forward.

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We'll get a flashback to Aramaki stomping on mummified King while gloating about the Seraphim.

I want to know what happened to all of the beast pirates, and how many managed to escape Wano.

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I don't think there's a pattern there

IF King is alive still he would do anything possible to free the seraphim from world government control. I think he would team up with the revolutionaries or even the Straw Hats to do so

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>I-it’s gonna be Caribou!

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I would almost say yes, but Zoro cut his wing off which to me means he won't come back

>his reaction to the SSG
he'll job


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There has to be some limit for the WG so I'm going to say Original 7

His reaction is going to be fucking pissed

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Why did Oda draw this?

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Same. I need to know If Jack, King, Ulti, and Fgt are dead or not.

Reminder that
1. Blackbeard is multiple people in one body, possibly him and his two sisters
2. Either way, one of the others is a girl and that's why they were aiming for the Mero Mero

Did anyone else want King to at least tag along? I did.

a fight?

To Carrot the true and only Nakama

To Tama Who i only serve as a mirror

To Boss Jinbe who closed the Crew

To Godji and Godro who are both stronger than me and make part of the monster trio which i never will

To Nami whose face i apropriate

To Momonosuke, my husband and true sucessor of Oden

To Kaido my dad who gave me everything i have CoC, Devil Fruit, Kanabo, 3 brothers, friends, a crew and love even thought i hate him so much

To everyone who bought my towels

And to Goda who put me in my place that i will forever stay

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From DrumzTV:

"Chapter is 10/10....Most people will think it's 10/10. It's just hard to find a flaw in this chapter or something to hardcore powerscale argue about imo. But we'll see with the full chapter. I think it's just very, very clean."

Godabros lets go

I don't think Ulti is dead, Oda wouldn't attach Nami to killing an opponent.

what's with the guy starting OP threads with westoid "art"

A 10/10….. for barrel bros

Thinking about the characters that'd be possible for Seraphim cloning
Were OG Warlords
Were Later Warlods so they might still have a chance but maybe not (literally only Buggy has a chance)
WG had them captive
>Kaido (it's even confirmed he was experimented on)

>Blackbeard is multiple people in one body, possibly him and his two sisters
I hate this theory, it's just schizo shit

What if both Caribou and Carrot are just hanging out in the dining room or elsewhere inside?

Would Seraphim Boa have a crush on Luffy?

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The chapter is going to be 10/10 for (you) fans
user is the new nakama

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You don't really need to be a girl to use the mero-mero, just beautiful. Like, Cavendish would be able to use it effectively even as a man.

No but she would for me

If she wants to live, she better not.

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Caribou is inside the barrel, Carrot, Kinemon and Yamato are inside Caribou.

>Kaido (it's even confirmed he was experimented on)
There is still hope Kaidul bros...


hancock it's too late, she has the mugiwara now

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>we haven't seen roger as a kid

It's definitely going to be him as one of the SSG

Wrong but Caribou's has Pluton inside of him

blackbeard wanted to plunder her booty

We've seen him at Luffy's age though.
I imagine Roger Seraphim is gonna pop in and people watching are gonna go "holy shit is that Luffy in Gear 5?"

porn when?

nah, king seems to have just been there to introduce their appearance and powers. future lunarian stuff will probably involve king's grandfather or sonething

>The world government defeats Luffy by running his reputation with Lolicock constant public "scenes" with him.

How does Hancock feel about a clone of herself being used by the government like she was I wonder?

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Lunarian Roger is gonna be the memed "LUFFY WILL MEET ROGER WHO'S STILL ALIVE AND FIGHT HIM" thing with a twist.

I bet Roger as a kid had already the mustache.

Only the ones present at the reunion before the marineford war

Brook is stronger than Franky

Kaido should be almost a given if Vegapunk had enough material to practically 1:1 replicate his devilfruit.

She is either repulsed or overprotective, there is no middle road.

With Luffy? Might be a hot minute, she already has like 8 images otherwise

>he doesn't know

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From her expression this chapter? Seems a bit conflicted, although she might not be sure its actually her since I don't think they faced off.

Charlos has a new toy.

Nah, Brook doesn't cut wapometal and Franky's firepower charrs brook's skeleton body anytime

can I get a link? please?

Would the pacifistas or any cyborgs be immune to some kind of hacking?

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>a new toy
probably has an army of lolihancocks

Franky wouldnt even see Brook

Check the previous thread, someone always dumps it before they die as janis cant clean it up then.

>It's just hard to find a flaw in this chapter or something to hardcore powerscale argue about
So there are no fights in the chapter?

>Pirates learn to code.
A new era,

No need, just nuke the area

Brook freezes Franky's cola and he's helpless

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or there is but there is nothing too unexpected in it e.g. Shanks beating weevil


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If we're going that route then it becomes a battle of attrition where Franky has no reason to come out of the shogun and the moment Brook gets caught it's over

Blackbeard came searching for booty and he found bussy

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As much as I like Carrot I also admit the idea of anyone, including Vivi, joining in the final saga is kind of pointless.

> weevil is said to be as strong as a young whitebeard (without the DF of course)
> beating him is "nothing too unexpected"
lol I mean yeah it's shanks but still

But repulsed by the world government or the clone?
Right, we actually have to have Hancock meet her.