One Piece:

Who is best girl and why is it Perona?

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>Weekly Shonen Jump #42 in which One Piece chapter 1060 will be published (where One Piece will occupy
>the cover of the magazine and have Color Spread of the cover in the chapter) will be published on Tuesday
>September 20th instead of Monday 19th as it would be normal. Therefore it is possible that the Spoilers
>and the images could be delayed a little next week since the magazine comes out a day later. I repeat to
>make it very clear: it is possible, but it is not 100% certain.
Damn, One Piece is getting WSJ delayed?

This isn't even attractive


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Best Girl

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Someone else please make another thread.
And hopefully the mods delete this shit.
Fucking kill yourself, OP.

i miss hots

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you'll find out Wednesday, just don't care about these internet personalities

Heh...seems like this place didn't change at all...

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I like her brown daughterclone

stop making threads with retarded pics


Based image.

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He's right you know

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C? ope.

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PX Puta

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More like he's coping.

perona is cute

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Except barrels are associated with Carrot on Worst Gen.

Best girl is the 10th Nakama Carrot and my duchess bun.

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Why would Caribou hide in the Sunny again? He is meant to contact that "person" about Pluton.

There is another thread up with a non shit OP

More like Culona lol

He said it was serious and he knows Carrot stowaway is immediately affiliated with barrels and crates.

The Strawhat crew will find uranus next

The only way Shanks could be more furious is if she'd been infused with fishman dna instead.

He's a huge Carrotfan, he's just scared of being tricked once again, rightfully

Leakers can be just asshole

why does he need to hide anyway? luffy promised him to give him a ride lol

too late, this already gained traction

Probably to hide from the crew. Luffy agreed to take him but the crew might be against it

gotta be quicker next time

You mean this one?
Thanks user!

Zoro is so fucking sexy bros...

top of that one of the biggest carrot fan of the site asked the barrel questions

Then he is not in a barrel.

To Carrot the true and only Nakama

To Tama Who i only serve as a mirror

To Boss Jinbe who closed the Crew

To Godji and Godro who are both stronger than me and make part of the monster trio which i never will

To Nami whose face i apropriate

To Momonosuke, my husband and true sucessor of Oden

To everyone who bought my towels

And to Goda who put me in my place that i will forever stay

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I love you user

>but the crew
Luffy is the captain.
This Caribou shit is just a meme.

We know Sanji

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best ass


Stfu hiyori wano is already over.

how GAR will the rest of the male seraphim be as adults

>seething this hard over a picture of a cute girl

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I forget what an absolute unit Blackbeard is sometimes. Literally a foot taller than Doflamingo