Gabriel Dropout

>still no season 2
Fuck you Doga Kobo

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Patiently waiting

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in b4 snek

hopefully soon Gabdrop friends but its not too late to scam prefectures for production money

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Reminder that Gabriel is the least popular of the main girls and she is the MC

i mean satania is clearly best
but i think sadist angel is worst. gabriel is kinda cute

it's not up to the studio, retard

Nomad made three seasons of Jashin-chan because they wanted to.

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hopefully gabriel's popularity doesn't
*puts on shades*

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She smells so that’s no surprise.

Corrupted gabu is cuter


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My wife

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Good night

My wife vignette.

Gabriel is literally me.

>least popular

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there isn't enough public interest?

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How would raphi react if she found out I liked it when she bullies me?