Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Less than 24 hours until Trigger's best work releases globally. Three first episodes out but censored without blocking the gore and sex.

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Post more webms

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First for Becca

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Oh wow look another shill thread where OP self bumps.

How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

The Twitch stream rip wasn't very good quality, so wait until the Netflix rip.


I haven't watched a single new Anime since Sonny Boy last year. Is Cyberpunk the best of 2022 so far? Any other recommendations? Also if you say Lycoris you are an homosexual

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Why'd you cut out the bit before the fight? The drawings in that part looked great, too.

So far yes, but CSM will give it a run for its money

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>I haven't watched a single new Anime since Sonny Boy last year
Why not write I'M A HUGE FAGGOT on your forehead


When are they releasing it?

kek shonenshitter delusional

First three episodes are out now in English, dub and sub for the rest are tomorrow, I think.

All 10 eps are dropping tomorrow

Obsessed. It's just a fact at this point, Chainsaw Man and Cyberpunk are the only two series with any hope of saving anime

>sees blood and sex
>this is SAVING anime!!!!!!!

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Dude, Akira! Ghost in the Shell! Neon Genesis Evangelion! That's all the anime I know!