This woman is literally Hitler

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>"for example, if I told you to pat your head and rub your stomach"

you are an idiot

Only half decent female in the entire series that wasn't coded as lesbian bait.

I just watched episode 22 and I hate this anime now, they ruined the anime, they ruined the anime!

moot ruined anime

lol the memories. i honestly did think about quitting the show after the retardation that was episode 22 but they somehow managed to recover

my wife

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All because of an accident. I hate asspulls.

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yeah this felt like one of those twists that was really forced - like the 500 IQ Lelouch doesn't think apparently

I actually dropped the show for a while on that episode.

Demoting Suzaku would have been pretty funny.

Fuck you faggots I liked it

I love Lacus Clyne

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I dont remember Hitler being a generic pink haired waifu.

No. Hitler allied with the Japanese.

I also liked it

Hitler put his enemies into slave camps.
Euphie knows no such mercy.

still an asspull

I hated it, but still applaud the writers for actually fucking raising the stakes and creating consequences. Literally 99% of writers can't even compete.