Alright we have to settle this right now. Which of these three is the best?

Alright we have to settle this right now. Which of these three is the best?

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far left, no contest
you could just fucking manhandle that whore, mmmm fuck me

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Isuzu is a goddess


Hairclip is the strongest

Shinka cause she likes girls.

Mai's fat butt and lewd moles.

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I've masturbated to Sento so much that I probably will never get prostate cancer thanks to her

Mai, younger, bigger, stronger, and in the better show.

All have their strengths.
Shinka is the gf I wish I had in school. I'd never be bored. Mai is prime wife material and the most built for breeding. Clearly knows how to take care of kids even at a young age. Sento is for proper dicking at work. Sex with her would probably be the hottest.

I should have made a poll so we can get a definitive answer

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Thigh mole.

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Shinka = Mai = Sento
But if we are talking about their shows
Sento > Shinka > Mai

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all are shit

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If anyone wants to vote in my stupid poll that doesn't matter here you go

Find a girl that look at you like this and then marry her.

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I thought we'd already settled that it's Sento?

No one likes 50cento.

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