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Any new Animeonly Ryuuenfags? He's getting all the standout episodes so far.

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Ryuuen will keep getting all the standout episodes. The quality of how good any given volume of the LN is directly correlates with how much attention is focused on Ryuuen throughout it.

I don't understand how you can kidnap and torture someone at this school and not face any legal consequences

Only 10, 11.5, and Y2V5 manage to be great without him, damn. Even in V11 one of, if not the best moment is him reappearing, as expected of the best antagonist hopefully Nagumo finally does something good

I have not watched the new episode
So far I have only seen 1 good girl, Hiyori
And those 2 girls in the study group were ok.

Sudo x Whorikita OTP

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>actually waterboards her
dang ryuuen is desperate for that 50% booty

You might enjoy the new episode for unintended reasons then.

Because you would actually have to get reported for anything to happen? You know, just like with everything in real life?

is kei retarded and dosent report it?

No. Either read the LN or wait for the conclusion of this arc.


>Any new Animeonly Ryuuenfags?
I picked up the LNs back when S1 ended but I liked Ryuuen even before I read them. Him going "I hate hard work and applying myself" despite giving his class a vacation while jumping through hoops to net class C the highest score for the special exam and still getting something out of the exam in the form of the contract with class A despite being blindsided by Kiyo endeared me to him. Horikita being a midwit and looking down on him was the icing on the cake.


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He's by far the most entertaning antagonist and character as a whole

>Horikita being a midwit and looking down on him was the icing on the cake.
This, Ryuen IQ mogging Whorikita is always the best

Novels became worse as they stopped focusing on confrontations between students.
Once kiyopapa minions entered the ring, the story took a hit.

>lnfags were saying about how much Karuizawa is best girl and whatever else shit
>turns out Ryuuen is a fucking standout
Never believe lnfags.

I liked Ichika. Even though they ended up being jobbers.

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Ryuuen was always good even now in the 2nd year.
Niggas probably talking about the girls and that's pretty subjective.
Him being buffed up in the anime makes it better, but will probably bad for the 2nd year if it ever gets animated, on the other hand the other male goon looks pretty thin.