Have you guys re-read the manga or re-watched the anime...

Have you guys re-read the manga or re-watched the anime? There's no way you guys still remember everything that happened so far to be watching the new cour, right?

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Fuck off, shounentard.

It’s so fucking hot knowing that every villian getting BLEACHED

i watched 500 episodes of this garbage as a teenager
with 20 minutes an episode, that's 166 hours
166 hours of my life spent, learning a good life lesson:
to never ever EVER watch a fucking shounen shit piece of crap again

I tried rewatching the anime a while back and I couldn't really get into it. Really it just made me feel like 12 year old me had shit taste.

shut the fuck up your overdramatic shithead

I wish my best friend was still around so we could be fags about bleach again

kill yourself tasteless monkey

Was he trans or femboy? That would make sense

>re-read the manga or re-watched the anime
What did he mean by this?

I read the manga for the first time this summer and right now I'm being a massive retard and watching the bount arc. we'll see if I make it. if not I'll try the other filler arcs at least

I reread like two years ago, and rewatched like a year ago. I'm fine

No way fag, Bleach barely have any story to begin with. The 15 minute recap on Aniplex channel was enough to remind me of what happened.

We need a spin off about Rangiku and her giant tits doing whatever they do all day.

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Don't watch any filler arc, the canon is only like 205 episodes.
You can return and watch them if you have time to kill (never watched any personally )

There's also a kai with removes the million redundant flashbacks.

>500 episodes
try 366 retard
if you want to trash a anime you don't like while pretending to have watched it, at least google how many episodes there were

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seems a bit silly to watch what I just finished reading. at least this way I'm experiencing new stuff, even if it's basically fanfiction
that comment doesn't apply to the new season though, since it'll hopefully fix tybw

What kind of mega neet retard wastes hundred of precious hours rewatching or re reading some boring shounen he finished 10 years ago just to have a better understanding of some 2 hour film????It takes less than an hour on the wiki to refresh my memory because I don't have Alzheimers

In my defense i had like 10 years exactly without anything Bleach. I needed the nostalgia

Bleach has a boring, shallow plot so I can’t the be arsed rereading it. I’ll be watching the new anime purely for the visuals.

Bleach has an interesting, vibrant cast of characters so it's always a pleasure rereading it. I'll be watching the new anime to revisit Bleach's world in a fresh way.