Already forgotten

already forgotten

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muscular women have it rough

My penis remembers her

based Hori turning her into a nugget

Did she die again?

She's not so muscular anymore.
She has far fewer muscles now than she used to.

Triple amputee last I knew

I will never forget


Her snu-snu will be twice as deadly with her coming robotic limbs

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Is not like I'm simping for her, but looking at her popularity just by her design alone (at least in the fanart) , is kinda strange to me that hori decided to make her a triple limb paraplegic (it would be funny if she actually lose her last leg)
But being serious for a moment, a paraplegic hero, sounds extremely retarded.
I know mirko doesn't let anything stop her, but instead of feeling exited for being unstoppable, I just wonder how her hero career is going to keep moving foward with her just being a head with a torso.
For someone with great pride of being a hero, it looks like she didn't think this through if she wants to be a heroine i the future.

She doesn't think about the future, she lives every moment to the fullest so she can die without regret.
She *wants* to die on the battlefield.

Holy shit what

Really there's only three options, and each is plausible and in character for her I feel.
1) Gets high-tech prosthetics and keeps heroing on.
2) Retires after the battle and lives on proud that she made a sizable contribution against the biggest threat the hero world has known thus far.
3) Keeps on keeping on to inflict as much damage to shiggy as possible and becomes dust in the wind.

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If she actually dies at all.

if not, she gonna have a bad time.

I don't know, these words try to make her look like a badass, but for some reason, the logic is stupid to me, it only works if she actually dies in the battlefield, and if she does, even without the waifu appeal, and and being neutral on it, it feels like a waste of good character design.

I know this place hate naruto. But makes me remember what happened to anko, super cool character turned into something unappealing when their original design was something people liked, but oh well, I guess the mangaka has the final desition, at least with anko had some logic with her being fan of trash food, sweets and other caloric things.

>these words (You) try to make her look like a badass, but for some reason, the logic is stupid to me
I'm not trying to make her look like anything read the manga yourself it's literally her whole character.

>it feels like a waste of good character design
That's this series in a nutshell to me honestly.
Hori is a fantastic artist and character designer, but he is a shit writer.

OH don't get me wrong, I know those are her own words, I'm not trying to shitpost, but I still don't like it that much, but hey if people like it, who am I to complain, is jut not for my taste I guess.


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Hello me

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Looking at her condition, number 3 is the only cool and logical option to me but Still, what a waste.

I hears ya, but a man can dream.
I'm bracing myself for the coming chapters.

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