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vol 16


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Blessed user who shares his work

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Sex with Entoma!!

my dick WILL be out for her fight

Pharmacist will never appear again.

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Can't believe this is the last episode.

He was a real bro

Wait Pharmacist is the dude in the back? I thought he'd be chubbier.

I wasn't a fan of Overlord season 1, but out of boredom kept watching. My favorite moment from the series and pretty much any series for the last few years was when pic related summoned the goblin army. That being said this season has been solid. Kind of made the drudgery of the previous seasons worth it.

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she gets goblin cock

fuck you for making me google

get hype get hype get hype get hype
are we going to see Albedo do an epic battle?

Honestly, am I the only one a bit bumed by the illustrations?
When I thought about dark elves in the new world the skin color legit shouldve been this

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It might just be the light. Mare and Aura are pretty dark when you compare them to the normal elves.

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Pharmacist bro...

>Muahahaha yes now that you elves are comfortable with good food and work and a safe home, I shall force you to tell me about the everyday life in your country and what your opinions are of your closest racial relatives, the dark elves. Fear me, for I am the terrible Overlord Ainz Ooal Gown!

Ainz takes work seriously


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why not?

Ainz-sama won't let some pedoshi touch the child who praised the home he and his friends made.

do people actually think riding hamsuke looks cool? it would be embarrassing. not ainz btw

because everything after volume 3 is either murder porn or slice of life povs that end with nothing gained and the characters forgotten

>And if I don't like what I hear I'm taking you all to mcdonalds for ice cream

>Letting someone else take your cunny

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>Vol. 15 & 16, "Half-Wood Elf Godkin"
>as the name suggests these volumes mainly tell a story of Momonger agonizing over what to say to his NPCs agonizing over what to say to him or agonizing over what to say to a bunch of dark elf rednecks agonizing over what to say to him or to his NPCs who agonize over how to deal with being stuck with elf peasants to please their agonizing master in their internal agony plus a story of a budding bromance between Ainz and Village Pharmacist who will most likely be discarded as a used-up whore and will be lucky to get a mention or a fleeting appearance in the latter volumes
>highlights include Alaurunes to showcase whom the author spends what feels like 15+ pages just to say nothing about them except that they can grow large carrots
Fucking Climb was more engaging than a good part of these new volumes. Dragon Lords or Rubedo should put Momonger and Nazarick out of their misery so that they stop agonizing so much.

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