Amagami-san Chi no Enmusubi

Ch. 65 Gooks:

Yae mogging the competition after she was allowed to have a chapter 25 chapters since her last one. Yuna is jelly, Asahi is babysyt by Yomiko. 10/10 chapter.

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Hand-holding sex with Yae

I never stopped believing in Yae

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I miss Yae and the author intentionally shafted her super hard.


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Is Yomiko still shipping Uryuu and Asahi together?

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Why is teasing = shipping? Yomiko knows Asahi likes Uryuu and that Asahi confessed. Mahiru also knows Asahi confessed from her, but had no problem teasing Yuna as well.

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>Yae-nee is pregnant now

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This chapter is too lewd

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Very lewd

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