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Spoilers for Chapter 1060!

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what the actual fuck is this image

perona dying of ass tumors

An ass big enough for Oda to pull in the Laugh Tale arc.

I'll eat her cancer with a fork.

I also enjoy nirvana's music

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Yamato is confirmed Nakama

Protect the helms, Burgess!!!

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>Ice ice baby

It might confirm pic related, if so, Carrot is in

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>Aokiji leaves the Marines
>Is spared from jobbing


Aokiji and sabo confirmed so far

if dubs carrot joins


Ah yes this seems like a good thread.

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That’s not discord.

I'm not getting cocky until it's confirmed that Carrot is in.

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beware, not everything he posts is one piece related

New hint from etenboby

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I want Zoro's cock in me NOW

Carrot Chad bros we fucking won


That’s a pretty cryptic post not to be related to the chapter.

Worst scenario: Carrot's story ends with what we got.
Less terrible scenario: Flashback to a proper goodbye with the SHs.
Good scenario: She accidentally stowed away on Kid or Law's ship.
Best scenario: She's on the Sunny.

Thats related to whoever was attacked by sabo

Well lads, no matter which way it goes, 1060 might just be the final nakamafagging chapter for the entire series. Was it worth it all?

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>ending up with Kid or Law
>good scenario

Are you really a carrot shitposter if you're not willing to take risks

zuneshas asshole was your closure

we will have to see it first

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He will get his due.


just because he's in the chapter doesn't mean he's not jobbing

>karrot fans will be happy
It's probably just a neat flashback tying everything up for her. We flashback wano damage control now boys. And carrotfags will only get crumbs of bread, kinda sad really.

Sabo awake or Sabo vs Akainu

I'm pretty confident Yamato is showing up in some major capacity later, and will revive the namaka faggotry for quite a while

Oh, shit the crate was set on fire!

Anything that's not her munching grass on Zou is a good scenario.

Most Carrot fans want her to join/did want her to join, so it actually points to her being a stowaway once again.

It might not be. You know if there is even one female character in the next island that she's going to be spammed to death about "NEW NAKAMA"

Imagine that in reality the ones in the Sunny are Gangster Gastino and Caesar.

Yamapits. One of her few redeeming qualities.

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Loki will be the villain of Elbaf

Caesar is on WCI right now while Gastino is with his brother Bege.

That would not make carrotsisters happy, leaker could be fucking with us but

low test

I'll defend her honor when I need to, but until we get an actual confirmation, there's no point in jumping the gun just yet.

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