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Leaks where?

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Where the byakkofags at?

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One day there will be the last one piece thread
I wonder if we'll even notice

Where are the fucking spoilers?


Why didn’t he tell Marco?

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I need Zoro's cock in my mouth

It's over, Sanjibros...

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this only worked with yamato

Fuck Carrot. Fuck Yamato. The real final crew mate stealthed his way in and you were all too coombrained to notice.

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In our hearts


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> sanji/zorofags crying over who of them is stronger
> marco will just come in after sphinx and become vice captain
take that faggots

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Zeus is a slave.

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He'll tell him on Sphinx.

yamatroons are gonna seethe again if carrot joins, it's applying salt to the wound


The same reason Yamato never brought up the resemblance between Zoro and Ushimaru.
It doesn’t matter

If there is no Shitrot in the Sunny, I'm going to be a little dissapointed.
I just want to shit more on Yamatroons and normies who loved her.

Zoro arc when?

Lmao. Does someone have the original thread for where this was first posted.

Someone translate these spoilers

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I can give you spoilers, but only if you can tell me the secret of sudoku.

What did he mean by this?

That person is a fraud. Last week we would see the crew at the end of 1059. Plus he isn’t recognized by any other known leaker as reliable.

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Seraphim Hancock is so cute when she's having fun!

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Koby is in with Blackbeard pirates, although Blackbeard isn't there.
- SH Pirates are travelling towards Elbaf.
- Half of the chapter is a narrative construction towards the last page.
- In the last page we have a first glimpse at Laugh Tale.

>Koby is in with Blackbeard pirates, although Blackbeard isn't there.
>SH Pirates are travelling towards Elbaf.
>Half of the chapter is a narrative construction towards the last page.
>In the last page we have a first glimpse at Laugh Tale


St. Elmo's Fire.

>In the last page we have a first glimpse at Laugh Tale.
Yeah okay

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He was the one who leaked the last chaper first.


Elbaf isn't happening.

No one recognized his spoilers on WG even after he posted it. He also lied about the Straw Hats.

It says that Zoro and Sanji have anal sex on the sunny, and Zoro is the bottom

They were mostly correct.

>Laugh Tale
You guys aren’t this retarded are you

What if the next chapter is just random shit and nothing is confirmed on carrot and stuff?

You guys cope so hard it's unreal. He leaked the chapter before EtenBoby and co.

Why dont the other leakers recognize him?

>In the last page we have a first glimpse at Laugh Tale.
He should have at least try to make it believable

I'm ready.

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>What if
Dk, leakers are fags in general.

Then we'll end up with another week of nakamafagging.

2 since it is probably a break week

Yamato joined

>a glimpse of Laugh Tale

Half of his spoiler last week was Fake

Literally everything there turned out to be correct except that last bit, I'm wondering if it's a translation fuckup.

It'll be post anime a few years later, when they attempt a revival with some spin off or follow up film that falls flat. Threads will become active again for a little while, and then peacefully die out with the assumption that surely there will be more content to come in the future. But it never will, and it'll only hit us one day when we're cleaning out our hard drive and remember the opg folder that's been unmodified for years.

Any cool op videos?

As Wano's guardian deity

Carrotbros... It's over....

> be me
> strongest creature in the world
> if it's a 1v1 you can bet on me
> beat up the strongest samurai in the world like it's nothing after he gives me a paper cut
> create the biggest DF army ever
> ready to clap big moms cheeks again once we are at laugh tale
> some 19 year old lanky ass boy comes to beat me up
> blitz him
> put him into prison to get him as nakama
> he says nothing but "full" all day to some people worshipping a bunny
> drink some sake because there is no one to beat me up
> all bondage toys break on my pecs
> yamato's mother says I have a drinking problem
> become angry
> 19 year old boy comes out of prison somehow
> actually learned how to beat me up
> thisgonbgud.jpg
> some child porn zero bitches guy pierces that kid's skin like it's butter
> get angry and blitz that guy
> kid wakes up
> he suddenly has some echo in his voice and I realize his VA is female
> he actually beats me up for good
> get punched through spacetime
> come out in tokyo ca 2019
> kill that kids VA
> become the king of pirates in all timelines

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It wasn't fake, just mistranslated.


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Momo's temporary bodyguard for Luffy

>Half of his spoiler last week was Fake
The only thing wrong was the line about seeing the SHs as they were in 1058
the only good AMV

eternal #4 right there

Some major exterior force needs to invade Elbaf because giants are not a threat in One Piece. Actually they've been portrayed as some of the weakest people in OP. They lost to Mr3, 5year old Linlin, got enslaved and BTFO by the marines on multiple occasions. They got one shotted many times. Giants have taken an incredible amount of Ls in this manga.

Post this on Worst Gen and ask the leakers to confirm.

Which means, half of his spoilers are correct. The question is: which half?

Sanji literally has all the same powers as Marco and more.

Regeneration, flight, flames, fights by kicking. Plus he has an exoskeleton for durability. The only question is who's physically stronger/faster/better at haki.

>The only thing wrong was the line about seeing the SHs as they were in 1058
What about the part where he said BB stole and used Boa's DF, and then double down on that
He believed Un-amed LMAO

Yamato WON

Imagine being this retarded, if the chapter was about Elbaf and Laugh Tale we would be getting hints like crazy. Get a brain.

It just says "she can't use it"

> marco
> is a cool ass phoenix
> sanji
> is a cook
sorry but the answer is clear to me

You missed some. I tried to translate:
>Koby is in with Blackbeard pirates, although Blackbeard isn't there.
>The chapter will be liked by the revolutionaries.
I think he means fans of revolutionaries will like this chapter.
>SH Pirates are travelling towards Elbaf.
>Half of the chapter is a narrative construction towards the last page.
>In the last page we will see or get a glimpse at Laugh Tale.

weren't the correct ones posted by etenboby first anyway?

I don’t trust him but he got BB stealing Boa’s fruit wrong last week and this was just completely made up
>We see the Straw Hats again where we left them in class
Also this guy mainly reposts what other leakers have said. Just ask Etenboby or something

>In the last page we have a first glimpse at Laugh Tale.

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Nope, EtenBoby only started posting spoilers because this guy posted it first.

>physically stronger/faster
Marco could kick human Queen into a building a few meters away
Sanji could send Queen flying out of the island
Marco was seen by Queen when he was coming to attack him
Sanji was literally invisible in not even his fastest state (Diable Jambe and Ifrit Jambe massively boost his speed, damage and strength)

Yikes. That was Un-amed’s fake spoiler too.

He also posted some BS last week before posting the accurate summary before Eten, maybe he's attention seeking like shnksq before he gets legit info from a reliable source

That’s exactly what he is. Just another shnksq.

Probably Any Forums goes first

He also stole one of my screenshots that i only posted here in a catbox about un-amed. So I know he lurks here.

Un-amed is based. If not for him, we would have waited a whole week for the spoilers, during the magazine break, because of redon.

What do we think of the Luffybowl winner?

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Why trusting this fraud?

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>WG admittedly laughing at the Laugh Tale shit

Who is best girl and why is it Perona? Shyarly is a close second.

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Pack it up Carrotbros…

Why yes I love Hancock hopefully she appears more.

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Meant for