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Vegeta should have stayed dead ages ago. He is poison

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>making a thread when the last one isn’t even bump limit yet
>Vegeta not Bejita

Goku should have stayed dead ages ago. He is poison.


Gohan is not a good character and hasn’t been on since Saiyan Arc
SSJ2 is trash
I’m tired of pretending otherwise

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What's the difference between a fusion made with the Fusion Dance and the Potara, besides obviously the methods you use to perform it?
Like, what is the actual difference between Vegito and Gogeta? The only drastic ones I can see are their name, appearance and their special attacks. Personality wise they're the same.
I think I remember (or maybe it's just [HEADCANON]) that Potara were stronger than the Fusion Dance because it's a permanent fusion, but then they got retconned and they're a temporary fusion too for mortals.

Oh god, What the hell is happening to Bejita's neck and head??

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You lost.

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Bitch I just told you don’t think you’re slick deleting shit
the difference is Potara brings out a stronger fusion.
Yeah the “unlimited time” thing used to be a factor but now it’s only an hour for mortals.
Actually less for SSB powers since Begits defused against Zamasu after a few minuntes.

So yeah it’s pretty much regular fusion now

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>Replying before the last thread hit bump limit
All of you disgust me.

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>>Replying before the last thread hit bump limit
>All of you disgust me.

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CHADth the CHADgrammer just did a video on this:youtu.be/2oTNqyNFOtQ


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Is this why Bejita doesn't believe in gravity?

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I keep forgetting there’s a third ultra instinct form now
lmao all the people who kept saying “I-It’s NOT A NEW FORM! GOKU’S JUST USING THE WEAKER SIGN VERSION AGAINST GAS!”

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My princess it cute! CUTE!!!

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Now that the dust has settled, was the Ocean dub kino?

I like Vegeta.


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As the prince of all Bejita bros, I have only one thing to say: That old hag is disgusting. Come back later when you find a picture of a girl that's not an old hag.

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>was the Ocean dub kino?
Yes but only for the Saiyan Saga.

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I clicked, sat my white ass down and LISTENED.

CHADstern CHADrt.

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