Daily Shinryaku! Ika Musume Chapters

Isn't it Ramune?

Chapters 199-200

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Yeah! I love Ika!


No, I didn't identify it myself, I'm not that smart. They mention it's a myna later in the chapter.
I laik birds though

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Also the chapter is called Isn't that a Hill Myna


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>I'm not that smart. They mention it's a myna later in the chapter.
To me, you are the smartest

I love you.

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Animal abuse!? On my Daily Ika?

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Careful with that OP, you don't want to ride and unmarked SUV

I'm willing to sacrifice myself to educate

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So cool...

Chapter 200

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user... do you really have that little faith in me?

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Fuck you beat me to it

I try not to not put links on first pages if it's not totally necessary

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i wanted to be cool...


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And that's it for today
Ika the trend setter

I never tried Ramune, I wonder what it tastes like.
Do you drink a lot of soda?
I don't, I never have it at home and I very rarely drink it when I'm out

Thank you for reading
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Thanks OP. Ika should have just cut the bottle open to release the pressure
>Do you drink a lot of soda?
No. I try and avoid it since soda is the easiest way to get fat. Though I did have a can of Pepsi last week and it wasn't even good

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Thanks OP! Today the chapter where way too funny
>I never tried Ramune, I wonder what it tastes like.
I had some melon remune the other day and it was pretty good, but i had problems open it, it wasnt that easy, i was with a friend and she also had problems with hers
>Do you drink a lot of soda?
I drink mostly water, but i am drinking some Moster lately to stay up late doing a project for college, 100 more pages to go! I actually take a break around this time everyday to participate in the daily