Kingdom 732 waiting room

Denyuu bro's, how are we feeling?

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Bretty good. Some bullshit has always saved Hi Shin's big guys in the past.

And just like that, he calls it

Did Chutetsu really just call out his own name while jumping down on this guy? He's even more based than i thought.

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Not only are you a Any Forumsedditor forcing buzzwords, but you are also a total retard. Kill yourself, you absolute waste of oxygen.

Thank God he's ok

>Absolute fucking meltdown over a simple word
Lmao, seethe fagboy

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Denyuu has survived at least 3 death flag situations now, big dude has more plot armor then Shin

I just hope he retires soon

So what's Kanki up to?

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I'm animeonly fag who started to watch it just recently and holy shit this series is so fucking ugly with the CGI but at the same time it's the only anime that pulled me in since like a year, so good job I guess

he's one of those side characters that once they die, you know shit is about go down. He deserves better than to just die like trash from a Shin blunder

Good for you, but read the manga

chutetsu is fucking DEAD


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I can't read

TTS Any Forums must be absolute hell, my condolences user

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There is a Kanki's spy in this thread

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Fufu, you only noticed now?

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