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Are there any manga about a 20 something year old loser who decides to get his life in order? No Isekai, no time travel, just a guy sorting his shit out? Considering how common the "start my life over" manga are, I'm surprised I haven't heard of something like this. Bonus points if it's by the guy's own initiative.

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No that would be too unrealistic

using a mac they won't.

boku no pico

Get a job, go to the gym and find a creative hobby.

There are none because it's impossible. Once you're 26 it's over. You can't be entry level at any facet of your life after that age.

welcome to the nhk

I literally got the perfect manga for you.It has a fantasy element but the NEET MC is a Any Forumschad who gets a job of his own accord really early in the manga so the journey is seeing him adapt to his new lifestyle after a decade of being a NEET and also there's a game which is basically real and has to manually check on them so they dont kill themselves but thats besides the point.

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You have to isekai with broken powers these days to even get a decent job and be a welcome part of a community.

How fucking new does someone have to be to make this thread?

Yeah on writing one now

he gets a job because of that isekai gacha.


>Any Forumschad
>curls 1kg dumbbells in his room

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He can do it all day long which is the equivalent of 10000 swings with TWO shinai everyday.

I just started reading this and it hits pretty close to home.

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I remember reading the novel, it was good. I wonder if we'll get a other volume.

Wrong board, kid...

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That would be interesting if he tried to destroy all the obstacles a neet must face, like feminist discrimination, lookism...

Sora no Shita Yane no Naka

Metaphorically destroying?


>feminist discrimination, lookism
blackpilled af

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