Should i watch this? what am i in for?

should i watch this? what am i in for?

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A story about friendship and love.

you mean like naruto?

Yeah. Go in with that expectation.

Watch the show only, the movies suck, especially Rebellion. Skip it at all costs if you enjoyed the show.

You'll question how Mami gets money to support her decadent lifestyle.

You're an idiot.

When they did the work on your head, they should've left the tumor in and removed your brain. You would be smarter.

She has an OnlyFans. It says so in the LNs.

this poster is a tranny that larps as Sayaka

And despite all that, Hope in the end


>replying to yourself

lol no
Rebellion gives hope

jojo is better

It's like 12 episodes just fucking do it

I also didn't enjoy rebellion as much as the show.
Well the fight scene was good.


Testing your ban evasion?

Rebellion's worh watching for the visual spectacle of it alone.

Your ass will bleed. Don't go down that dark road.

>rebellion sucks
this is the definition of FILTERED

Lemme just say that there's a chance this is bait, but there are enough retards that i want to say it anyway
Basically, if you think rebellion 'sucks', like that it retcons stuff, or that it goes against the message of the show, or any of that smallbrained garbage, then you just didn't get it
You lack narrative comprehension skills. You also lack intuition into symbolism and meaning. You're the kind of retard that needs every little thing spoonfed to you.
That's alright, you're a basic bitch. That's fine. But rebellion is great, not only that, but it's the logical and necessary counterpart of the show. The synthesis of both will hopefully be resolved in the next film.

>Year of our devil 2013+9
>Retards still filtered
I love Rebellion so much

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A magical anime