Chainsaw Man

>only 12 episodes
Normalfags will say csm is overrated

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The worst thing that can happen for the CSM anime is that it only reaches "FOTM" status. If the anime is bad, fans can cope by saying MAPPA couldn't do the manga justice; if the anime is a resounding success, it will likely become an instant classic. In any other scenario, it just becomes a temporary flash in the pan, people cosplay Makima ceaselessly and then move on to the next hot new show.

This wouldn't just be sad for CSM but sad for the media landscape in general
We need new things that stick to get out of the old IP lazy rehash hell we're in
We're not gonna get a better chance than CSM in the next few years in anime at least

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What is this? A DitF spin off?

If she doesn't save the manga tomorrow its over.

tell me , do you like to eat a full cheese burger or only half of one ?

why is this guy hugging Zero-Two?

The girl actually has blond hair but the waifufags of her want her to look like a zero two clone and paint her hair pink.
She also gets cucked by the girl who kills her, and the guy hugging her in the picture still loves the girl who killed her in front of him regardless. Just so you know.

I'm banking on the movie already being kinda deep in production so it can come out early 2023. if not, i simply can't understand why the would only do a 12 episode season and then fuck off. normies will probably say the show is overrated during the bat arc, get hyped on eternity devil, and the hype will flatline from there into the sword arc. if they were smarter they would've done a second season with bomb and the international assassins to really drive up the hype, and then go all out nuts with the gun and control devil movie for huge bank.

Dahahaha don't you know crappa by now?

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mappa simply bit off more than they could chew and don't want to admit it

but weren't they supposed to be going all out on this? i believe they opened an entirely new fancy office purely for csm

implying they haven't already called it overrated

I liked CSM a lot, but I read the entire thing in a week.
The beginning is kind of weak, and it get progressively better as it goes on.
There’s no way the anime will do it justice based on that alone.

bump for denjipowa

>bump for a dead ship


Could you repeat that?

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>Just skimmed through the last thread
Thread quality has hit rock bottom because Fujimoto killed the hype

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Denjshida is canon and you can't do anything about it


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hallo ween!

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>THE MANGA WILL [ramblings of a schizo]