Bleach Catch up Storytime Databook MASKED

With the return of the anime this october, it's a good idea to always have the whole work somewhat fresh in your mind going into the ending arc, and to that end I will storytime the manga (alonside some extras) until the end of fullbring, and then point out things in the adaption as it is happening, to form a better informed view of the manga, for me and (You).
Now let's start databook 2: MASKED
SOULs/VIBEs:Volumes 1-23:Volume 24-37:

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>data book
Don’t care post the chapters.

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Kill yourself.

>1 more day until pic related

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bootleg yammy?

Loves VC looks pretty cool.

>Yamada bigger brother as the 4th VC
Nice touch Kubo

Most notable ones are
>Iba's mon in 3rd division
>Byakuya's Dad as 6th VC
>>hanataro's brother as Unohana's VC
>Sentaro's dad in 7th division
>13th Division has no VC yet but Ukitake treats Kaien as the VC

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There's a new glossary

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yoruichi looks like a cat here.

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>Kisuke and Yoruichi's birthdays are a day apart
Imagine the 48 hour birthday sex

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Guys don't forget about Fade to Black!
nah jk nobody likes that movie

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>Ranked 1 through 10

>girlie mag

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Is Rose's vice captain Iba's mom? He mentioned something about her in his fight with Ikkaku.

Imagine if Aizen just died at the end of SS.

>aizen wasnt the villain from the start

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Urahara used to be a 3rd seat, so Omaeda´s dad was his superior

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I missed my chance to post this when Orihime slapped Ulquiorra so I'm gonna post it in every thread until we leave ghost mexico

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>I didn't see him as a Soul Reaper
>Made him into a Soul Reaper

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>reads porn in public
>does the peace sign in pictures
Lisa-chan is literally me

Mashiro must have a big ass if you can see it through the robes like that.

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am i crazy or did kubo say he planned white to be zangetsu from the start?

Eat rocks.

harribel bros...

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>Zommari and Harribel swapped
Fucking Zommari.

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The benefits of hollowfication.

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Makes sense with shit like the convenient reveal of Ulq being number 4 (LOL)

oh for the love of...

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He even has his own (laughs) equivalent


>people arguing to death over espada ranks for over a decade
>kubo literally did not plan any of it out and was making shit up as he went along even into the arc.

I can imagine how this was in the raws, and if I'm right, that's relatively normal for Japan.

>Parfait bowls
I love Orihime's bizarre food tastes. I wonder who does the cooking between her and Ichigo in the future?

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ooh, so that's the name of saliva dripping from the mouth
thanks Kubo

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20VastoLordesfag BTFO


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