So you wanted the Olympus Saga?

>So you wanted the Olympus Saga?
>Too bad, have a 12 Houses reash
Why did he do it?

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He also did the same shit. Kurumada is a hack and watching/reading Saint Seiya in 2022 is beyond masochism

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I rather a world war in a far future between cosmo warriors from different mythologies and cultures

is this franchise even popular in japan? it seems like only south amerilards care about it at this point

also saga has double personality, and the pope is also a traitor, and the cancer house is full of screaming faces, and virgo sealed one of his senses...

>Next Dimension had two subtitles already: Meio Shinwa and Ginga Shinwa
>D-don't worry guys, he's making a new series
Nigga, then just continue the fucking series instead

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Because 12 house is one of those peaks of shounen?

>Why did he do it?
He was salty because Teshisama didn't follow orders. She was suppossed to just fill the blanks that Kuru was leaving and nothing else.

Die crying about Kurumada, seething Canvasshitter.

He does what he wants. Heaven Chapter could be decent "Olympus saga" if it was actually done with enough care and way better, based on mutual respect cooperation between Kurumada and movie creators.
Thrudgelmir gtfo to your Reddit.

Yes. Its merchandise sells well and Saint Seiya is among the most popular franchises. Not as popular as it was in its prime, but definitely not a niche series. Manga sales are alright, and as for anime - just check the picrel. It is among most popular anime series belonging to Toei.

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>not knowing about Chaos and Zeus doujinshis
>not knowing about Pegasus' Prelude
>seething over main series when there are so many other official spin-offs availble
I bid thee welcome, tourists.

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>still don't understand Kuromada hates SS with a passion, because it will be his legacy when he just want to do Ring ni kakeru and similar stuff

you fault for not getting after the og ended. SS is just his piggy bank when he needs some cash

>Pegasus' Prelude
Absolute garbage.

Started good, but at the moment I feel we might expect ND ending faster than Hakuren Studios releases fucking second part of ep. 1

Maybe he doesn't hate it, but I think he'd prefer to continue his other works. Saint Seiya will be his legacy and the most successful series he has ever created, but I think that somewhere deep inside he might feel limited somehow by it, as a mangaka. Heck, if not Tenkai-hen drama, then we would probably not get Next Dimension.

ND is ending in 16 chapters so yeah.

Oh shit, just like other mangakas out there. What a discovery, user.

They do it for living and it makes me laugh when people who didn't spend a penny on any volume speak about "hurr bad mangaka sells his manga, screech".

Yeah, I heard. Looking at how slow Hakuren has been going with Preludio, I can genuinely and without jokes imagine last ND chapter released when there would be no second part of the first episode of Preludio out there.

It's your fault. Don't you see the last interview? He doesn't care about Saint Seiya, he lets studios do everything with his franchise and he doesn't supervise or make it canon. Stop watching Saint Seiya. Saint Seiya ended in 1990. You are the problem.

Do you have a link to that interview in English, by any chance? I'm not sure if I read it.

Anyway, the best thing for the franchise would be if ND ended with making multiverse canon by binding it directly to the original storyline/timeline.

It is the same with DB, only a few series of that era still have respectable works
You are right user

Omega was great and a good ending to the series.

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Was that scanlation ever finished?

Not the quoted but Battle of Gods and Brolly movie are canon. Nothing of Saint Seiya after Elysium arc is canon.

Toriyama is a senile faggot that doesn't even remember his own characters

>Omega was great

This is ultimate cope. Why don't you try another anime instead of stay on a sinking ship. If Kurumada doesn't care about Saint Seiya, why should we care?

better than LC and ND

Truth be told, there's no actual reason to watch or read Saint Seiya past the sanctuary arc.