What was Kei implying by making this statement?

What was Kei implying by making this statement?

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hes implying that hes a faggot. its not exactly hard to come to that conclusion user

They're not a fag if they dress up like a cute girl

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Losing girl is an evil treacherous whore, as usual. Duh

Roasties btfo


he's gay but knew yo wasn't gay so he started crossdressing to confuse him and rape him

that condoms are gay and lame and that he wants to go raw

>you like the hottest guy around
>hottest guy around actually likes the boy that's been his best friend since they were toddlers and wants his best friend to fuck him

I mean MC is a loser and the boygirl is a bitch who stole Roas's boyfriend and this poor cucked girl is the victim . Nips don't like a cheater MC. This Manga will got axee soon.

Yes, they. Got a problem with proper pronouns?


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Yeah but with Yohei.


He is just a guy who likes to crossdress.

They, are non-binary.

get a clue. your threads are boring

I'm not OP kek.

>OP is a trans-non-OP

This is why I did the bump, I wanted see what people tell to that troony kewk.

She is not SEX


He's about to go raw in a different girl, some tall chick with smol boba that's bigger than him for a whole head. Fujos are about to lose their shit.