One Piece

10 Straw Hats (including Luffy) is enough
>b-but we need more to fight Blackbeard/whatever
10 is enough. Luffy has many allies and Grand Fleet, no need for more people to be in the crew

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How much the chapter was delayed? a day? a week?

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Post Cute and Canon

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Crew is almost full.

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Endgame right here, brothers

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I believe in Carrot

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Warlords I have seen being made Seraphims in fanart already:
>Buggy (joke fanart)
Weird I haven't seen a Crocodile one yet

How would respond your favorite OP character to this?

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Mihawk, Buggy, Hancock, and Weevil? Bad.
Lobotomized child soldiers built using the blood of a genocided people? Good.

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It’s a date.

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Why do people care so much about Film Red? Don't they know it's not canon? Are they new to this whole thing?

>caring about canon
Back to worstgen with you

>another day..
>another thread..
>another moment of no op spoilers…

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Roronoa Zoro is for sex.

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would fuck femdoffy

>These brown children with black wings and demonic eyes totally won't betray us like the Warlords
>No these evil smirks mean nothing they're just obedient robots bro
>Trust in Vegapunk it's not like he hid the fact that he achieved success with cloning Kaido's fruit


Things don't have to be canon for you to enjoy them.

They wouldn't. Why would Luffy even acknowledge the existence of some random High school girl when he rejected an empress who is also the most beautiful woman in the world?

I love how 90% still holds true

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It sounds fun to watch. I like fun.

I highly doubt they wouldn't mention it if he was immune.

How is everyone hyped for weevil even though everyone used to hate him?

Here's your toast, Carrot.

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They do though

The question is how did Blackbeard resist? Or is he straight up immune because of devil fruit haxx?

>everyone [headcanon]

It's just not interesting at all. People are crying that the dub is delayed, why the fuck are they so concerned about a shitty movie? It's not like the other movies are good either.

he seems like the non-pedophile version of a clone so now he is cooler than those stupid ass degenerate bait lunarian clones

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You might see why they call me the fastest

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do you have all of these?

That panel is from Banana fish right?

A way to cope with the possibility that the furry might be in the sunny i guess

Corazon over Doflamingo


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>It's not like the other movies are good either.
Movie 6 and strong world are great, Z is fine too

>Banana fish


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>Stuck in wano because she have baby sit over hyped jobbers and benjamin button nips edition

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Then sauce please

>A way to cope with the possibility that the furry might be in the sunny i guess

>>Trust in Vegapunk it's not like he hid the fact that he achieved success with cloning Kaido's fruit
To be fair, he probably just got autistic about it being a pink dragon instead of a blue one.

Those are just okay.

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NTA but I’m really hoping it’s a Weevil chapter because otherwise I’ll be gone.

>It's not like the other movies are good either.
Omatsuri is fucking kino.

Then why? Who care about Weevil? The hypest parts were Croco, Mihawk and Hancock

is this from the world wide poll? Let me guess this is from the nip region?

take the hack pill. those motherfuckers have Pluton and Zunesha at their command

I love the Goonies, simple as

It's Bastard!!

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Why not?

In english?

He is one of the few Shichibukai who we haven't checked upon yet.

Jus wait for Weevil have the saddest, well written and wholesome flashback and story of any OP character but never crack the top 80 because he is ugly as shit

Holy fuck, I thought I was the only one that read his voice like that.

Damn it, I was going to say it was a beautiful gay manga, turns out it's a disgusting objectying sexist manga

Cause of this

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No actually 9 is enough

>Oh... okay
>Not sure about that last part, but it wouldn't hurt to try...?

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Again, who the fuck care? The only way to make him interesting is if he's the next antagonist

where is the user who was doing a /opg/ character poll?

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Whatever gets her away from the strawhats.

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Is Vegapunk actually evil? Or just a mad scientist with no sense of right and wrong?

Sanji would never step on her bum, the reverse would be preferable to him

It's for Luffy's sake. What did you expect her to do after Ryokugyu? The situation with Yamato won't actually be settled until Shanks and Luffy meet and Luffy realized it was Shanks who shooed Ryokugyu away. Depending on what Ryokugyu reports to Sakazuki it's unlikely Wano will be attacked by the World Government/Marines any time soon. The actual concern is the subplot with Caribou, if he actually snitches to whoever 'That person' is about Pluton and potentially the other weapon's location someone will be coming for Wano regardless.

His presumed mom was in Rocks, his strength is comparable to WB and he looks like a Frankestein monster.
There is enough material to dedicate a chapter or part of it to him.


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i think it's time oda did another poll now we're finished with wano.

Big brother and sister

I mean, she said eventually, don't sweat over it Ulti, GO FOR IT